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Donations to Naha City in Okinawa for the rebuilding of fire-ravaged Shuri Castle

Shuri Castle is the largest castle of the Ryukyu Dynasty and is a symbol for the people of Okinawa.
At least 7 buildings, including the main structures of the castle, were burned down early on Oct. 31.
Your donation will contribute to rebuild fire-ravaged Shuri Castle.

*Donations will be delivered to Okinawa Prefectual Goverment for the reconstruction of the Castle.
*Furusato Choice managed by Trustbank, Inc., does not receive any commissions from these donations.

About Shuri Castle

Your donation will contribute toward Naha City in Okinawa’s efforts to rebuild fire-ravaged Shuri Castle.

Shuri Castle is the royal castle of the Ryukyu Kingdom*.
The Castle began a restoration from 1989, which was just completed in January 2019.
*The Ryukyu Kingdom (1429 to 1879) was an independent kingdom composed of multiple Ryukyu Islands.

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* Your donation will contribute to rebuild fire-ravaged Shuri Castle.